Data driven, smart staffing for your culture

Talent acquisitions

Data driven pipeline, which is discovered and sourced according to requirement.

Structured interviews

A rigorous interview process which matches Your job requirement, culture fit etc.


Get access to all the data, including review notes on each candidate's


Get quality hires efficiently while you predict and control costs effectively.

Performance Management

Work with leardship team to set key profromance indictor

Do regular check-in meetings, take feedbacks

A bridge btw empolyees and managerss

Report to it back to leadership team.



Su and her team at hashfoundry have been a great partner to scale our business. Highly professional, responsive, connected, and it’s truly been a please to work with them. Thanks Hashfoundry”

Jack Smith COO, Pave


HashFoundry provides smart, tailored staffing solutions to dynamic businesses across the Bay Area (and beyond). From the world’s largest funds to San Francisco’s favorite startups,HashFoundry is the trusted leader in sourcing sharp, dedicated talent to meet your team’s unique goals.


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